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Visitor Center Reservations

Moraine Park Visitor Center
Fall River Visitor Center

Moraine Park Visitor Center

Built in 1923, the present visitor center was part of the Moraine Park Lodge. The building once housed a dance hall and tea room. The property was acquired in 1931, and the original Moraine Park Visitor Center opened in 1937. The center was completely renovated and reopened in May 1992. New interactive displays crafted by the Denver Museum of Natural History feature five themes that describe "The Making of a Landscape." The themes include geologic processes, glaciation, weather and climate, ecosystems, and human impact. The five themes also are woven into the Heart of the Rockies Teacher Activity Guides.

Moraine Park Visitor Center is now the hub of the Park's environmental education program. It is an insightful starting point for any visit to the Park. Reservations can be made on a first-come basis, at least 30 days in advance, to visit the museum and for a Park Ranger to welcome your students. The 30-minute welcome program will orient students to the museum and Park. Reservations are scheduled for 9 a.m., 11 a.m., or 1p.m. From the museum, access to a wide variety of study sites and trails is only minutes away. There is no fee to reserve the museum, nor for the welcome program.

Interactive Exhibits

Fall River Visitor Center

A new welcome and orientation site for visiting school groups is the Fall River Visitor Center. Opening in May, 2000, Fall River is a gateway for schools planning to conduct field studies in the Horseshoe Park and Alluvial Fan areas. The visitor center features beautiful exhibits using seasonal themes of the most likely wildlife that students will encounter. Teachers who have visited the Denver Museum of Natural History might recognize the design excellence of the same internationally known designers.

Upon request, a ranger will greet your students with a 30-minute welcome program about Rocky Mountain National Park and the treasures that it protects. The welcome program is free, and given to the whole group upon arrival. You may follow the program with a teacher-lead study of the wildlife exhibits on the main floor, and a visit to the Discovery Center on the garden level. The Discovery Center offers hands-on artifacts which tells the story of human interaction with wildlife throughout history.

Fall River Visitor Center is available by reservation only for the autumn or spring. The building can accommodate a maximum of 80 students; 40 maximum in the exhibit area, and 40 maximum in the Discovery Center. Teachers can use the Discovery Center as a staging area or for indoor activities of their own choosing. Upon request, teachers can access a large-screen VCR or slide projector. Reservations are made on a first-come basis, at least 30 days in advance.

Quick Museum Visit Tips:

  • Ranger-led welcome talks are given to the entire group at one time.
  • A maximum of 40 students at one time are allowed in the exhibit areas. Please have activities planned for students waiting outside the building. At Moraine Park Visitor Center, you may use the 1/4-mile nature trail behind the visitor center for these students.
  • All adult chaperones are responsible for students' behavior and are required to accompany them in all parts of the visitor centers.
  • If you will be a few minutes late for a scheduled program, please call so that we may adjust our schedule. Ranger talks will be canceled for groups more than 30 minutes late.
  • Students are prohibited from the sales areas on the first floor.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the building. Groups eating lunch outside must take their trash with them.
  • Schools are responsible for any damage or mess resulting from their students.
  • A short evaluation of the visit is given to the lead teacher when we meet your group. You must fill it out and return it in order to make a reservation for the following school year.

Suggestions For A Better Learning Experience:

  • If you haven't visited the visitor centers before, we highly suggest you do so before bringing your students. We will gladly waive our entrance fee and open the museum for you to do so.
  • We request that your students wear name tags so that rangers can interact with them more personally.
  • Please follow up by processing the visit with your students; either while still at the Park or back at school, to help make the most lasting impression.


Heart of the Rockies is a project of Rocky Mountain National Park

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